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Established in 1996, TradersCity.com is free online B2B marketplace for import export and international trade. The company offers 100% free services to manufacturers, traders, importers and exporters with various privileges. These privileges can be enjoyed by everyone without any charges and not every company offers, such as unlimited trade lead submissions, product photos uploads, business chat and country geo-targeting.

TradersCity.com also view external statistics and complete report analysis of other business in order to assist buyers to get the best deals. Report analysis also ensures the authenticity of the company as it clearly mentions the previous transactions by the company. Suppliers are greatly benefited by the freedom by unlimited trade leads along with the pictures. They can also track their progress against other competitive markets that sells similar products. TradersCity.com also provide them facility of seeing the recent searches made by the clients or other business, it also sorts out the most searched product in a certain period of time. TradersCity.com offers very simple and intuitive interface with various sections that includes export leads, imports leads, international agents, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers and various others.

Unlike other B2B Directories, TradersCity.com also provides substantial knowledge of trading to the potential clients prior placing any order with any business. With these e-strategies TradersCity.com has formed an exclusive image in b2b industry.

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