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Hello we offer rubber plantations in Cote d'Ivoire; this could be the object of assembly of a rubber production company. I am sending this to you while waiting to write the business plan for transportation and real estate in collaboration with my partner at CPR.

1) a colonel of waters and forests in Ivory Coast has 86 ha with all the administrative documents proving the reliability of the property. the plantation is 5 years old and there remains 1 year before bleeding.
the price is 4500000 f per hectare and there are houses on the site but not completely finished.

2) on the northern highway to elibu different rubber plantations of 45 hectare, 48 hectare and 117 hectare are for sale.

45 hectare the ages of the plants are 6 years of 20 hectare; 5 years of 15 hectare and 4 years of 10 hectare with title of reliable, not bled or exploited, existing camp on the site. forecast yield 8 to 10 tonnes for the 20 hectare mature. Since the price of rubber varies each month, you can have an idea. Price: 3000000 CFA francs per hectare

48 hectare not yet exploited whose age varies from 5 to 6 years. more than half is exploitable. space available to build for the workers. price: 3000000 CFA francs per hectare

117 hectare whose age varies from 7 to 9 years only 5 ha exploited to maintain the field. file managed by a notary and very coveted, the fastest will seize it. expected yield per hectare according to the professional 500 kg and more for the beginning because the production increases as and when. price: 3500000 CFA francs per hectare and space available to build for the workers. given the vastness of the site you can sign a contract with the factories for delivery by tonnage so sale at the factory price which is not negligible.

nb: I speak little English
Mr. Ogou Jean-Philippe

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