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1/ Sunflower oil

•Crude sunflower oil, in bulk;
•Refined sunflower oil, in bulk;
•Refined bottled in 1, 5 and 10 l. vol. PET bottles sunflower oil, all in boxes on EPALLs;
•Frying oil

2/ Sunflower meal- pelleted and non-pelleted, min 35% protein

•qtty up to 3000 MT
•low protein sunmeal production is possible upon request

3/ Grains and oilseeds

•Milling wheat, Bulgarian origin
•Milling wheat, Russian origin
•Feed wheat, Bulgarian origin
•Corn, Bulgarian origin
•Barley, Bulgarian origin
•Sunflower seeds, Bulgarian origin

4/ Wheat flour, Bulgarian and Ukrainian origin

5/ Feed-stuffs

•Wheat bran / non-pelleted and pelleted/, in bulk, Bulgarian, Italian and Ukrainian origin
•Sunflower husk pellets, Bulgarian and Ukrainian origin
•Sunflower cake- Russian or Ukrainian origin
•Alfalfa pallets, Bulgarian origin
•Cotton cake

If you are interested in buying of some of the above mentioned product or other agri-products we could check for availability, please advise and provide details of you demand
Mr. Valentin Tenev

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Agriculture, Used Cooking Oil

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