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The Rug Cleaning Company is proud to introduce the first fully automated computerised wash system imported from Europe – the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. This machinery delivers an ultimate deep cleaning system, using a fast and efficient technique that reduces labour requirements, leaving the rug with a superior finish and making it an affordable cleaning option.

The product was developed to deliver an affordable, effective and thorough deep cleaning process suitable for most types of rugs. It reduces the cleaning and drying time, and the beating and deep cleaning method produces a deluxe finish. The highly customised process is adjusted for each individual rug to achieve optimal results to enhance the rug’s colours and fibres.

The professionally engineered design ensures economic water usage and mild biodegradable cleaning products provide for a greener clean. The water controlled process is adjusted for each rug, ensuring only the correct amount is used. This prevents damage from excessive soaking and flooding that can be caused by conventional methods of cleaning.
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